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For Attendees, Speakers, Poster Presenters, and Panel members

All attendees must register for the symposium via the EDS registration form. Further guidelines for speakers and poster presenters are below. This information is archival, from the EDS 2019, and will be updated as needed for future events. To submit a question for our panel go here


Submit a title and short abstract (<200 words, at a upperclassman undergraduate reading level) and time slot preference during registration. Preferred time slots may not be honored for submissions after this date due to logistical deadlines.

Prepare for a 15 minute talk with 3 minutes for questions. Moderators will give notifications at 2 minutes, 1 minute, and 30 seconds remaining with clearly labeled signage. Moderators will stick strictly to the schedule and respectfully cut short any extended presentation as needed.

Submit your presentation to the steering committee the week before the event, so there is time to assess compatibility with our projection system. Presentations must be in Powerpoint 2003 or later or Adobe PDF. The committee recommends all speakers bring their presentation on a USB stick device as a backup on event day.

Poster Presenters

Submit a title and short abstract (<200 words, at a upperclassman undergraduate reading level) during registration.

Prepare a research poster no larger than 60 in x 48 in (vertical vs. horizontal). Posters should include an opening abstract or statement of the research problem, brief discussion of methodology and results, and a final summary with conclusions, future work, and applicable references. Affiliated institutions, collaborators, and funding agencies must be acknowledged. The UMBC Department of Physics does not have resources on-site for poster printing.

Panel Members

Panel members will field professional development questions from our attending audience. Questions will be submitted ahead of time and our audience ranges from high school students to graduate students. Panel members should come prepared to answer questions on topics ranging from what their positions are like, to how to land internships, and what they might be looking for in post-doctoral candidates.