EDS 2020

The 2020 Earth Day Symposium was held completely virtually! The day featured 6 pre-recorded keynote speakers and a live Q&A with each one, as well as a 4-person panel about professional development and presentations on how to get involved with research opportunities at NASA, NCAR, the NSF, and UCAR. Posters from our graduate students were also presented. The theme was artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in the Earth Sciences.

Several presentations and posters from our 2020 Earth Day Symposium are archived and available to view on our 2020 EDS Virtual Gallery Website.

Invited Talks:

Dr. Sanjay Purushotham, UMBC Department of Information Systems
Overview of Machine Learning

Dr. Mattew Fagan, UMBC Department of Geography and Environmental Systems
Tracking the pan-tropical spread of tree plantations using machine learning

Dr. Kirk Knobelspiesse, NASA/GSFC
Machine Learning based retrievals of cloud and aerosol optical properties from the Research Scanning Polarimeter in the ORACLES field campaign

Dr. Sergii Skakun, UMD
Land cover and land use change mapping with satellite data and machine learning

Dr. Jianwu Wang, UMBC Department of Information Systems
Evaluation of Data-Driven Causality Discovery Methods for El Niño-Southern Oscillation

Dr. Maryam Rahnemoonfar, UMBC Department of Information Systems
Navigating the Arctic through Deep Learning

Dr. Pengwang Zhai, UMBC Department of Atmospheric Physics
Polarimetry: Concepts, Modeling, and its Use in Remote Sensing

Pannel Members

Rebecca Haacker, NCAR

Dr. Shree Mishra, NSF

Kadidia Thiero, UCAR

Dr. Jack Kaye, NASA