EDS 2017

The first UMBC Earth Day Symposium featured 11 oral and 14 poster presentations from the Atmospheric Physics Department, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET), and NASA. UMBC Atmospheric Physics program professors are linked to their research pages in the Department of Physics.

Invited Talks

Belay Demoz, UMBC
The GCOS Reference Upper Air Network: concept, organization, accomplishment, and its future

J. Vanderlei Martins, UMBC
Advancements in polarized remote sensing and in-situ measurements of clouds and aerosol

Sergio DeSouza-Machado, JCET
Hyperspectral infrared sounding: from weather to climate

Amita Mehta, JCET
Overview of Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission data and applications

Meng Gao, UMBC
How cephalopods use optics to camouflage

Pengwang Zhai, UMBC
Radiative transfer theory and its applications in remote sensing of the Earth system

Zhibo Zhang, UMBC
We are ACROS: Aerosol-Cloud-Radiation Observation and Simulation group

Tom Hanisco, NASA
Improving methane lifetime estimates by knowing OH better: remote sensing of methane’s primary sink

Adriana Rocha-Lima, NASA
Evaluation of the dust distribution in the Middle East and North Africa using the GOES-5 model

Andrew Tangborn, JCET
Data assimilation and forecasting

Ana Prados, NASA
NASA’s ARSET program